Qoin - The Australian Crypotcurrency Boom


Qoin is a locally-owned Cryptocurrency trending in Australia?

Let us clear the air around Cryptocurrency by looking into the major options, and than focusing on a local option that originated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Qoin is the trend that is fast becoming a cryptocurrency leader in Australia.

A new digital currency, Qoin, trading on the Blockchain Exchange  BTX was built on the Quorum Platform. Quorum is a JP Morgan and Microsoft partnership initiative. Qoin is Australian (Gold Coast) based and works not only as a digital token but also as a merchant directory. It is used to offset everyday business and lifestyle expenses by improving cash flow.

The founders of Qoin are the original founders of Bartercard and have used thirty years of experience to produce an alternative currency. 


Qoin commenced in April 2020 at 15 Australian cents; today, it sits at $8.30
with 35,000 merchants. Qoin has a planned rollout of launching in the UK, Singapore and South Africa (they are already in New Zealand), and by the end of 2021, they will have launched in Thailand, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Middle East and South Korea.

In February 2021, Qoin accepted membership of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and, doing so, ceased their paid membership with Blockchain Australia. Qoins website goes into more detail. It is easy to get involved with Qoin; all you need to do is download the Qoin app and get help from an accredited agent to follow the instructions. No fees are dealing with Qoin.

Can you turn Digital Currency into Cash?

 It depends on your strategy with investment, and how you approach the digital currency to begin with. You can use it as a percentage breakdown for expenses you can trade of with the

digital currencies, as opposed to spending cash. Leaving more cash to spend in your business or on day-to-day expenses. There are some digital currencies that can be exchanged, platform using traditional money.

Qoin uses a company called Block Trade Exchange (BTX) - Using Blockchain Technology. 

How can I find out more about Qoin?

We suggest that you email a Qoin Accredited Agent for the most up to date information. We highly recommend Kay Ridge as a Qoin Agent. You can send her an email at hello@dashsocial.com.au or connect with her on Linkedin.

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