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10 Things You Should Know about Zip Pay

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

10 Things You Should Know about Zip Pay

As you know, most banks offer a convenient way to make payments on the Internet without entering your payment information each time. 

With virtual check processing, you can quickly and easily set up recurring payments for bills, subscriptions or regular expenses. 

Instead of writing checks every month or quarter, you only write them once, at the same frequency as your payment. Instead of keeping track of several bank account numbers and routing numbers and remembering which account goes with which number each time you write a check, you can just keep it all together in one place with a single bank account number. This process is called electronic check-writing or e-check. And it’s accessible through many online banking websites as well as mobile apps that enable banking from almost anywhere.

Add a payment with online banking

  1. A virtual check is a check you write electronically.
  2. You can pay bills, subscriptions and recurring expenses with a virtual check.
  3. Virtual checks are also known as electronic checks or e-checks.
  4. The process of writing a virtual check is called e-check writing or electronic check processing.
  5. It's easy to set up recurring payments, like bills, subscriptions and recurring expenses, by using the online banking site of your choice.

Use mobile banking for e-check

Many banks offer mobile banking apps that enable e-check processing so you can access your bank account information wherever you are.

But what is virtual check processing, exactly? It’s the process of e-checking, electronic check writing and electronic payment collection. With this, your bank will electronically collect payments from vendors or creditors and process them for writing checks to pay bills or recurring payments.

Create an e-check with Zendesk Pay

E-checks are easy to set up, and no bank account is required. All you need is a linked checking account and the Zendesk Pay app on your smartphone. Choose your desired frequency for payments—monthly, quarterly, annually or any other time frame—and enter the amount you want to pay in dollars and cents. After that, click “Add Payment” and follow the prompts to confirm your payment details.

Set up recurring payments in your bank's app

You can set up recurring payments for bills, subscriptions or regular expenses in your bank’s app. You just need to select the category and frequency of your transaction and then enter a bank account number. 

If you’re sending money internationally, you may have to call the bank. You can also do this at a branch.

Use PayPal for e-check through your bank account

If you’re looking for a way to make online payments, you can use your existing bank account for e-check access through PayPal. To make this happen, go to the bank’s website or app and look for BillPay, E-Check or Online Banking. If it doesn’t seem like an option like this is available, contact their customer service department and they should be able to help you out.

Set up recurring payments in PayPal Business Payments

PayPal Business Payments is a great way to process recurring payments without having to manage the information for each one.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up your PayPal Business Payment and select your payment frequency 
  2. Schedule your monthly payments in the PayPal Business Payments app and enter your bank account information 
  3. From time to time, check that everything is going smoothly by checking your PayPal Business Payment frequency (you can add an alert, if necessary)

Use Spotpay to make money orders and other non-electronic payments

If you need to make a payment that isn't electronic, such as a money order, use Spotpay. This payment processing service allows you to make non-electronic payments by converting them into checks which can then be mailed out or sent electronically.

The service offers deposit and withdrawal methods for customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. You can also link your bank account and PayPal accounts so that your business has quick access to all your funds whenever it needs them.

The service is available in many languages, such as English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Set up recurring payments in Payable

There are many reasons why you might want to set up recurring payments. For example, if you want to buy a car, make a payment for your child’s college tuition or rent, or pay your bills on time every month or quarter, then this feature can help you with that. It’s also useful if you’re using an e-check writer at work.

Get a virtual wallet or Samsung Pay to make digital payments

The convenience of a digital wallet is what makes it so appealing. They make it possible to pay for things online and in person without lugging around a wallet full of plastic cards.

Convenience is even more valuable for those who don’t like carrying cash.

Digital wallets have been popular since they first appeared on the market in the late 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2014 that they started gaining traction. With the introduction of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, more people are using them daily.

Talk to Us about Zip Pay Setup & Integration

Ranking Australia is an Oncord Partner. Oncord is a website marketing platform with e-commerce solutions and integrates with Zip Pay. Zip Pay is a mobile payment platform that’s easy to use and has a broad range of payment options. Learn more about the payment platform with these ten simple things you should know. To find out more book your first appointment for free here.


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