SEO & Google Ads Explained...

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the development and design of your website to enhance and influence your visibility and rank in Google Search Results. But how does it actually work?


These are constantly changing. The Google algorithms use Google's recipe and machine learning to consistently improve the search results shown. 


The organisation of your website, the structure of the pages, tags, keywords and content and meta-data all contribute to visibility.

Want to know more about Google Ads?

Ranking Australia can help you understand how it works, and provide digital support & training for your business to get started with Google Ads. Find out more by reaching out to us today. 


How Google Ads work...


Ads that only cost you when you actually get a click-through to your website.


Image Ads that cost for every 1000 times its placed on a page that has been visited.


We your campaign opts for clicks that are most likely to result in a website conversion.

Search ads

Text-based ads designed to encourage click-through to your website shown on the search result page.

Display Ads

Image ads designed for eye-popping ads that are placed on websites on the Google Partner Network. 

Call Only Ads

Ads that are designed to generate a phone call, this doesn't give click-through traffic to your website. 

Why Use Specific Keywords?

Keyword Research is very important to ensure that your content aligns with High Volume Search Terms. There is a fine line between dynamic content and excessive use of keywords that have the opposite effect of black listing you in Google. So make sure you seek advice or get a marketing specialist to improve your SEO and SEM.

How can Paid Ranking boost your Organic Ranking?

Paid ranking can also boost your organic ranking through the performance of your website, and the performance of your ads making your website more relevant to show to the enduser when they enter a search. This improves your SEO. Adwords go hand in hand with SEO. Ranking Australia are Digital Marketing Specialists. Recognised by Google as as specialist in all areas of Google Ads. 

What are Google Ads?

Paid ranking can also boost your organic ranking. This improves your SEO. Google Ads go hand in hand with SEO. Ranking Australia are Digital Marketing Specialists. Google Ads is your Paid Ranking hard at work. Creating Google search results that appear in the top or bottom three listings in Google when people search. There are multiple ways this can be structured, but the two most common ways to get started, is by setting up Text based ads, that are charged to you only when people click on the ad. Or you can set up image based ads that charge you by click or by each 1000 times is it displayed, which is called an impression. 

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