How to Beat Digital Overwhelm

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

How to Beat Digital Overwhelm

As the media continues to share the news of latest cases of coronavirus across the Queensland's South-East region, everyone is trying to work harder than ever to keep their businesses going. But what does this mean for small business?

As we are all avoiding contact with others where possible, especially over the last few months, we have however been kicking up our digital presence. For a lot of businesses this means doing it for yourselves. With all the online platforms out there how do you manage them all? Which ones are important for your  industry and target market? The biggest challenge of all - is time. It is a fulltime job managing your businesses digital presence. Creating Social Posts, Marketing Campaigns, Blog Posts, videos and contacting leads, and following up on opportunities to build your business online.

But how do we avoid digital overwhelm?

  • Prioritise tasks -  What's important right now. Get that right within your routine first.
  • Outsource tasks - What is wasting your time, that can be done cheaper by someone else?
  • Take time out for yourself - Make sure you recharge your batteries, meditate, take a break.
  • Get Clarity - Speak to a business coach if it just doesn't seem to be manageable, but you don't want to drop the ball!
  • Buy back your time - Optimise your business processes with automation!

Try a digital solution...

Have you tried Trello?

It is a great tool for task management, team management, and its affordable from 12.50 per month per user. Integrates with Google Facebook, Zapier and so much more. 

Get a Virtual Assistant!

InkBlotVA is waiting to help you with your business! They are Australian owned and operated! Brisbane based. With a team of Virtual Assistants to help you with your business.

Have you tried meditation?

It’s a great way to let your mind breath! Try downloading Insight Timer on your phone. Get access to 55,000 free guided meditations.


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