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To Niche, or Not to Niche?

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

To Niche, or not to Niche? 

If you are trying to decide whether or not to restructure your business model and target a niche market, it is imperative that you consult a business coach. A few hours with a professional who has supported the restructuring of businesses for a living, has enough experience to tell you if you are making a good decision or not. Ask them about the steps to move forward. How to establish yourself, as a niche brand. What you are considering is essentially a rebrand to target a more specific market niche and make sure your business success grows as a result.

3 Things to Consider Before Seeing a Business Coach:

  1. Do you want more business? 
  2. Are you struggling financially?
  3. Would you business crash if you left for a week? 

If you answered YES to at least one of the questions above - please make sure you spend some time with a business coach to clarify your business goals, and decide whether a rebrand is necessary. It may be that you can re-model your existing brand to be more appropriate for your market, and allow more room for success.

When it comes to Niche Marketing, Keywords and Content are King!!

Choosing your ranking SEO keywords for your website landing pages, blog posts, and your social media hashtags can be a mammoth task especially if your services are so varied. As it is hard to decide what is of most value to your business to leverage the home page content with. If you have a niche, then the choices are easy as the keywords don't really stray into another topic/industry. Making it so much easier to identify keywords opportunities that have more depth, giving your page more relevance to that particular topic or industry.

Three essential tools for Keywords & Content Copywriting are:

Niche Marketing with Google Australia - Organic Ranking vs Paid Ads

Successful Niche Marketing online is subject to many factors. Such as landing page design, product strength, keywords, content, competition, SEO (organic Google ranking), digital marketing (paid Google ads ranking), local, national and international influencers on google ranking, Google searches (Googlers), website updates, software and hardware, current events, the list goes on, and on, and on.

Put simply, something worth doing is worth doing right. Get found, get paid and grow your business. SEO is so much more competitive these days then it was 10 years ago. Your place on the first page is fragile and needs a lot of work to be maintained. Which is why it's best to hire a professional, but it's always best to ensure that your professional knows what they are doing as well. Not every SEO Specialist is perfect for every business. Making sure it’s a good fit for you are your business.


Stay ahead of the Competition.

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