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By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

Spinal Health Australia - Chiropractor Brand Specialist & Website Design


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The Challenge

New Brand, New Website & Chiropractor SEO

Spinal Health Australia is a Chiropractic Clinic based in the Gold Coast. Dr Ben Levi provides a holistic health and wellness approach to chiropractic wellbeing. Treating the whole patient rather than just the initial source of pain and discomfort.

Dr Ben Levi was struggling with a lack of consistency in the central management across systems and channels. He had initially used outsourced overseas solutions to deliver his digital marketing strategy. Which resulted in a low impact brand and website, disconnected from his values and mission of his practice, and a lack clarity in the administration of his systems, points of access where unknown.

Key Issues

  • Social Media channels not configured to a central admin account
  • Low impact Brand - too generic
  • Website not optimised for Google
  • Blog Content too short - not keyword focused
  • Rebrand, Rebuild of website
  • New Web Presence

Our Approach

Holistic Chiropractor Website Design & SEO

  • Re-design the entire Brand to be synonymous with Holistic Approach to Chiropractic Health
  • Build a new website on Oncord Website Development Platform - optimised for Mobile responsiveness and loading speed (< 5 seconds).
  • Focus on High Ranking Keywords for SEO Content Creation Strategy applied to a regular Blog Strategy
  • Keyword research and mapping based on relevance to local searches, industry demand, and local SEO competition
  • Creating a consistent branding experience throughout the website and as part of the content creation strategy.
  • Set-up a new Social Media Business Suite for Admin Access removing the issues with multiple access points and separate accounts to centralise management and enable efficiency in managing the business through Facebook and Instagram

Digital Strategy

Implementation of Brand Experience & Strategic SEO

  • Working closely with Dr Ben Levi to inspire the development of the new brand
  • Establishing a fresh and brand aligned social media presence optimised for regular posts - driving engagement, using high value hashtags and increasing visibility.
  • To drive results, targeting the right keywords is essential for a successful organic marketing strategy that will increase Local visibility online - structured around keyword-rich content - paired Google My Business Optimisation.
  • Increasing Google Ranking by creating content for Google - Not the User - positioning the brand as an authority in their industry.
  • Identifying opportunities to provide value around popular Search Queries relating to end-user challenges with the industry - consistent with branding message at the various stages of the customer journey.

Impact Over 90 Days

chiropractic seo specialist - first page ranking



chiropractic seo specialist - website visibility



chiropractic seo specialist - website ranking



chiropractic seo specialist - website traffic



Project Snapshots

chiropractor website design & Branding - gold coast chiropractor website design & brand specialistchiropractor seo - website design - spinal health australia - gold coast
Chiropractor Social Media Management Chiropractor Social Media Management
Chiropractor Social Media ManagementChiropractor Social Media Management
Chiropractor Social Media Management - Instagram Story

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