Content Marketing & SEO - Case Study

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

The Challenge

Website & Content Creation on Brand - for Local SEO

InkBlotVA provides Australian Based Virtual Assistants to Small Business Owners. Their motto is 'We love the jobs you hate.' With a clear focus on automating painful and time-consuming tasks and simply providing admin services to businesses across Australia. In 2019, InkBlotVA wanted build their branding experience and establish their website as #1 in Brisbane for Virtual Assistants. They are highly experienced, and well-oiled systems for onboarding.

The biggest challenge for these guys - potential customers outsourcing to cheaper alternatives overseas. However, Quality in services seems to be winning, as you don't have to 'teach' InkBlotVA - they already know their stuff. Over the last 12 month's the results show a impressive increase in Website Conversions through Organic Lead Generation and Strategic Content Creation with a Consistent Branding Strategy.

Key Issues

  • Minimal Brand Awareness established - through Social Media and Professional Networks
  • Highly Competitive Outsourced & Cost-based Industry
  • Minimal Content Creation - On Brand
  • Minimal Branding Experience - Lacks points of engagement to drive website conversions.
  • Not enough search engine visibility for crucial keywords

Our Approach

Keeping it Fresh - New Content - New Keywords

  • Rebuilding the existing website to establish a brand experience that resonates with Women in Business
  • Focus on High Ranking Keywords for SEO Content Creation Strategy applied to a higher frequency of regular Blog Article Publishing
  • Keyword research and mapping based on relevance, demand, and competition
  • Content creation aligned with each stage of the customer journey to drive brand awareness, consumer engagement and online conversions with Strategic Lead Magnets for database capture

Digital Strategy

Implementation of Content Creation & Brand Devices

  • Create lead magnets that are on brand to generate new opportunities and grow the database. 
  • To drive results, targeting the right keywords is essential for a successful organic marketing strategy that will increase website visibility - structured around keyword-rich content.
  • Increasing Google Ranking by creating content for Google - Not the User - positioning the brand as an authority in their industry.
  • Identifying opportunities to provide value with lead magnets consistent with branding message at the various stages of the customer journey

Impact Over 12 Months

Content Marketing Agnecy - first page SEO



content marketing strategy that works - website design - visibility



SEO & Content Creation - Website Performance



SnapshotsInkBlotVA Website Hompage

InkBlotVA - Blog ArticleInkBlotVA Lead Magnet & Sales FunnelInkBlotVA Brand Strategy  - Banner example

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