Social Media Marketing Websites & SEO - Case Study

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

The Challenge

Social Media Marketing Website that Outranks its Local Competitors

Dash Social is a Digital Media Marketing Agency, where Content meets Style. Serving Small Businesses in Brisbane and beyond in Social Media Marketing & Content Creation. they are wanting to climb the ladder of visibility. The small but mighty team at Dash Social were looking to partner with a local agency that could help them reach their massive growth potential, launch new services, and begin a sustainable SEO campaign that would lay the foundation to long-term success. We embraced this challenge by using our data-driven approach to increase their brand visibility and ultimately win them more customers.

Key Issues

  • Highly Fluctuating Client-base
  • Highly Competitive Industry
  • Minimal SEO applied
  • Not enough search engine visibility for crucial keywords

Our Approach

Social Media Marketing Content Creation Strategy

  • Technical and onsite SEO to create a high-performing Marketing Website that attracts and converts customers with a personal touch. 
  • Developing the brand to empower Women in Business and deliver the brand message with style - throughout content, design and experience.
  • Keyword research and mapping based on relevance, demand, and competition
  • Content creation aligned with each stage of the customer journey to drive brand awareness, consumer engagement and online conversions

Digital Strategy

Implementation of Social Media Marketing SEO & Brand Development with Website Design

  • To drive results, targeting the right keywords is essential for a successful organic marketing strategy that will increase website visibility - structured around keyword-rich content
  • Increasing Google Ranking is done by adding Domain Authority with Content Creation that positions the Dash Social as an authority on Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Identifying opportunities to provide value with lead magnets consistent with branding message at the various stages of the customer journey

Impact Over 12 Months

Social Media Marketing SEO & Websites - Website VIsibilty



Social Media Marketing SEO & Websites - Website VIsib



Social Media Marketing SEO & Websites - SEO Performance - Website traffic



Project Snapshots

Social Media Marketing Website - Case Study - Home banner Social Media Marketing Websites & SEO - Brand DevelopmentSocial Media Marketing Websites & SEO - Brand Development - Stand outSocial Media Marketing Websites & SEO - Content Creation Strategy - Blog Article Examplecase study - dash social - brand strategy

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