Google SEO Content Marketing for Australian Small Business

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

Your Content is all about telling a story, engaging with your customers and creating brand awareness.

One of the most helpful tools when scheduling your posts is a content scheduler such as  Publer,  Hootsuite   or  Buffer. If you are solely posting to Instagram, then Later also offers a free tool.  

Content marketing helps businesses in a variety of ways. Firstly it tells Google that you are active on the internet, giving you a higher ranking. Secondly, it is a method to engage your audience.

Remember, It is easy to spot a fake, be genuine and tell a story appealing to your viewer.

Your Content should have a purpose - brand awareness, audience engagement, or improving conversions. You will need to align your social media posts with a strategy.

Jodie Harris of Content Marketing Institute says to write great Content; you should adopt this model:-

  1. What will you create as Content?
  2. How will your Content align with your business and marketing goals?
  3. How will you create compelling stories that your audience will love?


  • What will you create as Content?
  • How will your Content align with your business and marketing goals?
  • How will you create compelling stories that your audience will love?

Content Marketing is a long term strategy with a purpose. It focuses on building brand awareness, audience engagement and brand reputation with your target audience.

Types of Content Marketing

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Social Media

Marketing channels for social media are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube and TikTok. Facebook is the platform to tell a story and show emotion. Instagram and Pinterest are picture books that attract a different audience, LinkedIn is for business connections, and the new platform TikTok is a byte full size of YouTube, YouTube plays videos.

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Infographics display Content and showcase information and data in a graphic format.

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Blogs allow the writer to give a lot more information while assisting Google in the website SEO. Blogs can promote internal and external Content and blog articles via hyperlinks as well as embed videos.

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Video Content

Video will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and are entertaining. Hootsuite advised that digital video will drive 82% of web traffic. Tik Tok is directed at a younger audience. Live videos are more engaging than blog posts and a great way to launch an event.

How to create engaging Content

  • Use a program called Canva. There is a free version, and Canva gives you the platform to create some amazing posts.
  • Cross-Post your Content. Remember that your viewer is looking for fresh Content, so post with a slightly different message on each platform.
  • Post to Facebook Groups. Provide free advice; If you produce free and helpful Content for your target market, they will engage and spread your message.
  • LinkedIn is a great tool to have the viewer directed to your website. Post as an article, including links to your blog.
  • You own your database so why not make the most of it, send a newsletter with your blog headline and let your audience know that sitting on your website is your new article.
  • Create a strong headline. According to studies by Ogilvy, 80% of viewers read the headline but not the body. 
  • Setup your Content for ongoing promotion
  • Looking for ideas, then your computer is your best friend. Research topics by going to websites like answer the public

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