Google Ranking - 5 Ways To Improve Your Local SEO

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

Google Ranking - 5 ways to improve your local seo

Google Ranking requires a commitment to building the strength of your web presence. Search Engines such as Google use an algorithm to help generate search results that are highly relevant to the user. To get there, your brand requires a strategy applied consistently in keyword focus and updated frequently. 


Which Google Tools Should You Use?

A solid approach to building your web presence includes: finding the right keywords, submitting your business and your website to google maps through Google My Business. Slowly, companies are catching onto the value of Google Analytics to master their web traffic. Google Search Console is the lesser-known essential tool for organic ranking. Helping you tell Google your website exists!


5 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

  1. Create Your Google My Business Listing CLICK HERE
  2. Complete Your Listing - There are so many settings and tools associated with your Google My Business Listing, to get more information from you, to match you with potential clients. (YES, THEY WANT TO SEND PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE!!)
  3. Add Posts to Your Google My Business Listing. These show up on Google and can help improve your Google Ranking on Local Map Searches. 
  4. Use the Services and Products settings inside your Google My Business Listing. Generating search results and can result in contact with potential clients. 
  5. Manage & Respond to Your Reviews - Google Ranking Algorithms can potentially ignore inactive listings. 


Google Ranking Algorithm Explained...

Google's algorithm is highly complex; however, we know that Google looks for high quality and relevant information in their enquiry. One of the things Google will access is how many Users engage in your business website and how mobile-friendly the website is, including how long it takes the website to load and does it show original content.

  • Site Popularity
  • Business Popularity
  • Mobile Responsivity
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Relevant & Unique Content

Get Your Google Ranking Score

Ranking Australia has worked with many businesses to help them improve their local SEO. Is it time to get your Google Strategy looked at? Take our Google Ranking Quiz & Find Out

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