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Google Ranking - How can small business improve their rank?

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

How Can Small Businesses Improve Their Google Ranking?

What is Google Ranking?

Google Ranking is the challenge we all face and usually have to pay to achieve some level of success. Ranking on the first page, this is a digital success on a large scale, not only can we see our website climbing the ranks, but everyone else can see this as well. Hence, our business grows because of this. SEO, search engine optimisation is one of the last things we think of when we are starting our business. However, it is one of the most important things we need to consider when building our business online.

Why should we focus on Google Ranking?

Google Ranking means the difference between an industry leader and a corner store that people never knew existed until they bump into your front door. Kate Toon is a celebrity expert in the SEO & Google Ranking world, she offers courses in building your web presence and mastering Google. Due to the level of success, we have invited the lovely Kate Toon onto the Digital Toolkit to share her story of success. Click the link to register below. 

"Learn how to grapple the Google beast."

Kate Toon (SEO & Copywriting Expert)

How can we get our business on top of Google?

In light of our next digital toolkit session - here are the essential tools for Google Ranking.  Simple strategies coupled with the tools recommended below that small businesses can and should employ for success in building their rank online: 

  1. Website SEO Implementation & Copywriting
  2. Google Ads Campaigns
  3. Backlinks (google maps, business listings, publish articles, social posts)

When I say simple, they are relatively easy to get done for you. In short, doing it yourself without experience can prove challenging. Additionally, creating a strong Google presence for yourself and your brand is not just a once-off task; it is a full-time job.

Outsource or DIY?

It is always the best move to find the most cost-efficient way to implement these services with your business while ensuring the task gets the attention it deserves. In saying that, outsourcing your SEO and marketing to improve your Google Ranking is a great way to justify the spend on these tasks. Doing things yourself can prove difficult and time-consuming, still if you have the time to spend, then watch the Digital Toolkit videos here, and especially take a look at the courses online to help you build your SEO skillset. It might be prudent to mention that Ranking Australia not only provides outsourcing services, but Katrina Puranik will also help you to learn, and work with you to improve your Google Ranking. 

However, if you are looking to gain some insight into doing it for yourself, there are a few Digital Tools we would recommend to help with Google Ranking. 

Recommended Digital Tools to help with Google Ranking:

Next Guest Speaker in Digital Toolkit...

Kate Toon - SEO, Copywriter, Author, Actress 

Finally, if you would like to find out more, feel free to join us in the Digital Toolkit next week, as we have a real-life Digital Success Story joining us next week. We will be privileged to have Kate Toon SEO Expert Extraordinaire,  join us as a guest speaker in the Toolkit Spotlight! 

Join us on the Digital Toolkit.


We are very excited about this for a few reasons. One, her web presence is impressive! Two she has achieved so much in her life - you can see that she has branded herself so well! Not to mention, is she also is an author and an award-winning digital expert. Also she runs multiple podcasts.  She was voted SERPSTAT's No.1 Woman in SEO, Semrush's Best SEO Community, Ahrefs Best SEO Podcast, and nominated for the Australian Podcast Awards, Business Podcast of the Year!  She has even been active onscreen and onstage! We will be able to hear her story when she joins us on the 7th of October 2020.

kate toon

Kate Toon Resources & Links

Kate Toon - Official Website - Click here
The Recipe for SEO Success - Podcast -
Click here
The Clever Copywriting School -
Click Here
Hot Copy Podcast -
Click Here

Did you know you can watch our previous Toolkit videos online?

Lastly, we very much hope you can join us as we love company, and we want to answer your questions to help you grow your business. so, please register now, join us when you can, you can watch the catch-up videos here. These sessions are undeniably valuable as we have a group of 20+ Digital Experts on the panel who join us intermittently now. Which undoubtedly makes the show a valuable source of Digital Learning. See you in there!

What Tools Should I Be Using to Improve my Google Ranking?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential to ensuring success with Google Ranking. Moreover, it is a great tool to see what is really happening on your website. As well as helping you improve the performance of the content in motivating potential clients to take action on your website.  


Brand Yourself

brand yourself

Brand Yourself is a brilliant tool to protect your brand's identity online. In particular, it scans your Google Presence, and simultaneously it scans your social media activity and helps you protect your information from dark web data breaches.



semrush logo

Semrush is an excellent tool to compare your web presence to your competitors. Whats' more, Semrush looks at your SEO, your social activity, and your paid marketing performance. To say nothing of Semrush would be to ignore one of the most insightful tools online. 

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Google Ranking Experts & Recommendations:

Katrina Puranik Digital
Joel Campbell Web
Kate Toon SEO &

Get some more insight on Google Ranking:



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