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Google SEO Tips for Small Business

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

Learn the secrets to Google SEO from the experts...

You explore SEO once you have a website and you are ready to be found.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of continuously optimising websites for higher ranking in the organic (not paid for) search engine results, focusing on popular search engines like Google and high volume search terms. 



  • Site Popularity
  • Business Popularity
  • Mobile Responsivity
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Relevant & Unique Content

There are several ways to optimise your website for SEO Ranking on Google. Starting with keywords, google map listings, google search term data and analytics platforms. The search engine looks through billions of

keywords and phrases that people search with, including short and long-tail keyword phrases. Google is the most widely used platform globally, with Bing coming in second. Keeping this in mind, Google is considered the leading lady in the game of search engines.

Search results that your website wants to show up in, and the best practices outlined in this blog to help you cornerstone your content to rank well on Google.  

Google's algorithm is highly complex; however, we know that Google looks for high quality and relevant information in their enquiry. One of the things Google will access is how many Users engage in your business website and how mobile-friendly the website is, including how long it takes the website to load and does it show original content.

The Google bot crawls your website and evaluates your SEO ranking power.

As Google crawlers visit these websites, they use links on those sites

to discover other pages. The software pays special attention to new websites, changes to existing sites and broken links. Among other things.

Getting found on Google, you need to allow your website access to Google Bots. For the Google Bot to crawl your website, you need to follow the following:



  • Deactivate Geo-Blocking
  • Enable Google Bots to Crawl
  • Submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console. 

Write SEO friendly, high-quality content. Ascertain keywords that target your client's searches in Google. Put yourself in your client's shoes and map keyword ideas and motivations for enlisting your services. Test your theory by googling this information and see if your website comes up.

Make sure your SEO approach ticks all the boxes for SEO.

10 Tips to improve your SEO...

  • Generate a list of keywords ideas to start.
  • Research High Volume Search Keywords & Phrases to Target
  • Setup highly detailed Google Maps Listing
  • Create shareable content.
  • Get a Content Creator / Blog Copywriter.
  • Setup Google Analytics tracking and alerts
  • Identify quality backlinks that are suitable for your niche market
  • Create Quality Landing Pages & Blog Articles to increase the relevance of your website, and it share of voice. 
  • Analyse your competitors Website & SEO
  • Review your Competitor's best content and look at how you can do better. 


Book an appointment with Katrina Puranik, the Web Presence Specialist, Katrina Puranik - Small Business Digital Strategy & SEO.


Stay ahead of the Competition.

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