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How to stand out with Instagram

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

How to stand out with Instagram

Instagram: What's in a brand?

Instagram is a very visual marketing platform. It is essential that you really "bring it" on this platform. To do that you need to be consistent with your branding. But what incorporates a brand? I have even heard someone say - what do you mean branding, a logo? Yes, it includes your logo. But it is so much more! It is everything that contributes to how you portray your products, services, and yourself online. Your brand should tell a story, share a message, and be very clear about your purpose for the followers. If you have constructed your brand and your branding strategy well then your Instagram is an incredible platform for you to promote your products.

Three things you need for Instagram Branding success:

Develop a Style Guide for your Brand

This includes logo variations, colour pallets, Quote backgrounds, Image colour themes, Image styles, product styles, this will also include a whole range of goodies for various platforms, Facebook, Website, Print media, potentially Video styles as well.

Establish a Branding Strategy

This is your story, your ideal client, your sales opportunities, your branding message - why you are doing what you are doing. Your passion should radiate from your brand, that’s when it is very clear what you want to portray. If you don't have passion for what you do, you will waste your time money and efforts, because someone else will outshine you every time!

Map the Customer Journey for Success

This is my way of saying to implement a clear sales funnel, have a set process, the purpose for your posts that contribute to your sales model. Straight sell, sell, sell is ignored for the most part. Instagram is a brand awareness platform, you will grow your brand over time, so you need to build your brand's culture that people will be drawn to. Rather than creating "spam" posts. Encourage activity, and get them off your social and into your website database.

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Instagram Influencers: How to pick an Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers should not be the core promotion channel for your business. Your brand should be strong enough to stand on its own, otherwise an influencers impact with sadly be like 5 minutes worth and then you will be lost. Your brand should give them endless options to work into their platform. When choosing an Instagram influencer, I would find someone with an impressive following, and someone who can influence the behaviours of those who interact with their posts.

5 Questions to ask yourself before choosing an Instagram influencer:

  1. Is this person demonstrating the ability to sell products like yours?
  2. What other brands have they been successful with?
  3. Do you trust this person with your brand?
  4. Does this person share your ideals?
  5. Do other brands promote/approve of this influencer's online behaviour?

These questions have been designed with success in mind. It is important that your branding message matches the influencers personality quirks. So
that you can feel good about the influencer's efforts, and potentially grow your sales margin.

Explore Our Recommendations For Instagram Specialists

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Instagram for Business: Making Money While You Sleep

Instagram is made up of powerful imagery and millions of users engaging on a daily basis. Which makes sense that is ideal for businesses to promote their products. You would be unbeatable with a wholistic digital strategy and a well-formed branding strategy. There are some key elements that we recommend for your business before jumping into Instagram. With any marketing campaign, you need the infrastructure in place to cater for success before you engage with marketing activities, otherwise you risk irreparable damage to your online reputation.

To Outsource Instagram Management or Not to Outsource?

Are you obsessive over your content? Do you change, tweak anything that has been done for you? Do you feel that you have to check everything someone else does for you before posting live? Either you haven't found someone that knows the product/industry well enough to work autonomously or you simply can't let go yet. The answer to that question is to find someone uniquely qualified to promote your brand. So that you feel comfortable handing your portfolio across. Managing your own social media is a full-time job - it is best to outsource to an experienced professional, along with a branding style guide and branding strategy to be very clear about your approach for success. Until you let go, you will be overwhelmed with work, which will make it difficult to feel success, and you will lose sleep.

Website Automations: Is your sales funnel automated?

Automation is the key to making money while you sleep. This is the cogs that are set in place with your customer journey in mind. These automations take clickthrough activity to your database, once they step into your website. These are your subscription offers, sign-up offers, competitions, loyalty programs etc. These engagement avenues encourage interaction with incentives, and the customer journey is meticulously planned to the last detail for maximum success.

Online Reviews: Do you have a process in place to encourage positive reviews?

When choosing a vendor or service provider, there are three factors that are commonly used as selection influencers. These are referrals, reputation, and reviews, all of these are fuelled by word of mouth. So it is essential that you control as much of this as possible by allowing your clients to share their positive reviews as much as possible. This means through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. While reviews can possibly lead to negative reviews, you can use tools such as CUBE ONLINE, to manage your review process more closely, and get a chance to remedy the situation and resubmit the review link to the client before its published. While this doesn't stop the client from posting a bad review, as they can bypass this method. It's possible that you can be impacted by "competitive trolls" as well, these reviews can handled by REMOVIFY, if they can't remove it then you don't need to pay!


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