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Microsoft for Startups

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

Microsoft's latest programme helps ANZ startups go from concept to unicorn. Microsoft News Centre Founders Hub Platform opens for startups since the beginning of April 2022. Read the Press release here.

Access the Microsoft Founders Hub here >

A new Microsoft platform will offer founders in Australia and New Zealand access to more than $300,000 in benefits, including technology and resources from Microsoft and partners, to support them at every stage of their business journey.

Additionally, Microsoft Learn will provide mentorship and training opportunities for startups.

Microsoft is dedicated supporting the startup ecosystem and founders in Australia and New Zealand, expanding programmes to meet the needs of local entrepreneurs at every stage of development.

tech startups - funding and resources

In order to empower businesses' ambitions and foster innovation to advance economic and societal advancement for these markets and beyond, Microsoft today inaugurated its Microsoft for businesses Founders Hub in Australia and New Zealand.

A brand-new digital platform for founders in Australia and New Zealand, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is truly inclusive. The platform provides startups with free access to the Microsoft apps and resources they need to launch and manage their businesses, with perks and credits valued at over $300,000. Best-in-class development and productivity tools, such as GitHub Enterprise, Visual Studio Enterprise, and Microsoft 365, are available in addition to the most reliable, safe, open-source-friendly, and compliant cloud platform.

Beyond providing access to technology, the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub will enable business owners to create and develop by putting them in touch with mentors who can offer them technical, business, and industry help as they navigate their next business milestones. In order to engage with clients and quicken their growth, founders will also get access to Microsoft Learn and a number of startup and unicorn programs.



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Who is the Microsoft Founders Hub for?

The Founders Hub for Microsoft for businesses was created especially for early-stage businesses to help eliminate obstacles to business formation, act as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation, and make it simpler to get from an idea to a unicorn. As part of Microsoft's commitment to empowering entrepreneurs' desires to spread innovation from Australia and New Zealand to the rest of the globe, it is accessible to all startups in Australia and New Zealand, even those without outside funding.

tech startups - expanding globally

What type of startups are they leveraging?? 

Tech startups - one in particular would be promoting the expansion of Software As A Service also known SaaS startups. So take advantage of this Australia! Microsoft wants to help - and this time they are sending more than a paperclip!! 

Microsoft cloud known as Azure, is the platform of choice in Australia and New Zealand for enabling businesses with ambitious growth plans, whether they are developing B2B or consumer SaaS offerings.

They are not only offering tools, and resources but also mentorship, and opportunities for growth, to scale globally. This isn't a pipe dream -0 they have already achieved this with Givvable.

A Long-Term Commitment to Supporting Founders' Ambitions

Microsoft continues to show its dedication to the startup environment and entrepreneurs in Australia and New Zealand. In order to give women-led entrepreneurs in the area access to Microsoft technologies, focused programs, and a worldwide ecosystem, this has included a multi-year relationship with the international startup platform She Loves Tech, launched last year.

Additionally, Microsoft launched Project Amplify in partnership with Accenture to provide businesses in Asia with hands-on support, technologies, mentoring, and collaboration possibilities. These startups are focused on sustainability and social impact.


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