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What's Missing in Your Content Marketing?

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

What's Missing in Your Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is specific content on your website's blog and landing pages - structured to sell your products and services. It is essential that these are positioned well to rank on google with strategic Keywords and refined based on the data from Google Tools.

Data is an extremely valuable asset in content marketing, but it can be difficult to understand and interpret it to improve your content's performance. As you analyse your website data - remember that there is a lot of noise in them.

The best way to understand the data - is to speak to a Google specialist - like us at Ranking Australia, as we can get a view of your content's performance and drill down into the data layers to help you understand what's missing and how to fix it.




What you need to know about Content Marketing & Google...

Without data, you're flying blind in the ever-changing world of content marketing — you won't know what works and what doesn't, leaving your business vulnerable to competitors. A lack of data can lead to wasted investments and missed opportunities. Here are the three different ways data brings you closer to your business goals and helps you understand how well your content marketing is doing:

Leverage Your Google Tools for Content Marketing

Data is essential for businesses to reach their goals. With the right data, businesses can create effective strategies and make informed decisions that will help them achieve their goals. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business are three different tools that provide insights and data that can bring you closer to your business goals.

Content marketing that works - Uses Google AnalyticsDID YOU KNOW: Google Analytics is rendering the UA data obsolete in July 2023 which means you will no longer catch data with your Google Analytics legacy code - talk to us about how we can set it your GA4 for free with our Business Boost SEO Program.

What can Google Data Tell You?

Google data provides insights into how users interact with your website and what they search for on the web. Google data integrates with almost every platform online. Ranking Australia can help you connect with your target audience better and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly. Once you understand the search behaviour of your target market you can tailor your content and your marketing tools with more precision and convert your website traffic more easily. Empowering you to create engaging content that converts the RIGHT traffic into online sales

Stop burning your marketing budget

You can optimise your content to increase engagement on your website, the data is available to you. Ranking Australia can help you to refine your content and reach the RIGHT people - getting you found without paid marketing. There are always keywords opportunities to leverage, ways to improve the data, and get more leads - you want your website to work organically first before investing in paid ads. Paid Ads will simply burn a whole in your pocket without making sure your landing pages work first.

Activate your Google Search Ranking

Get insights into your content performance with a dedicated specialist who will walk with every step of the way. Ranking Australia provides comprehensive data analysis every month that helps you understand and use data to gain a competitive edge over others. Make smarter decisions with our analysis and get the most out of your content marketing efforts today! Which is why we have a guided SEO program to help you achieve success for your business by activating the engine behind your website - your Organic Marketing Strategy.



Stay ahead of the Competition.

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