Digital Strategy Planning

Business Model Planning

This Digital Strategy Session paves the way to defining your value proposition for clients and creating a digital action plan to activate your business goals, and reach your potential revenue targets over the next 12 months. With ongoing support and advice, you will reach your goals and grow your business.

Digital Strategy Planning

Through the session we will illuminate vulnerabilities, and areas for development and consideration to help your business achieve its goals. This will inform your Digital Action Plan, improving your digital capabilities, digital transformation, online development, digital marketing and web presence management activities.

Online Presence Development

This session will explain the available tools that would be beneficial to activating your web presence. If you undertake the Business Advantage Program we will provide a roadmap for your online marketing campaigns for the the next 12 months. Streamlining your web traffic to maximise conversions.

Digital Strategy is an innovative concept that many businesses are just starting to integrate into their business management planning and processes. Only 52% of businesses in Australia have a website, but again only 35% percent of those have optimised their websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Having a digital strategy plan is so much more than building a website. It is a wholistic transformation; from your business objectives, resources and processes from the physical; to a range of digital platforms and integrating new technologies to existing corporate infrastructure. Giving rise to new capabilitiesreal-time access to information and communications which increases productivity and efficiency in all areas.

Ranking Australia has technology and digital marketing specialists who will help businesses structure a Digital Strategy Plan. We will help you establish a vision of your success online, determine your digital priorities, enhance your digital capabilities, and reach your customers online through smart digital marketing campaigns, and increase your digital presence online.

Aligned with the Business Model Canvas, Sheldon Morey’s Technology Model, Ranking Australia will provide the Digital Strategy Plan Proposal, which will then take businesses through a three week planning program. Which will provide a digital transformation roadmap. A detailed report that thoroughly outline how your business will succeed online. It will determine the business’s digital goals, what technologies are required, devise digital marketing campaigns, build the company’s online presence and advise when to implement, and how to maximise success. Our specialists can also facilitate and support the implementation the roadmap as well – if their are limited internal resources within the company. Contact us for more details. Register below.

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