Reputation Management & Online Credibility

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

Online Reputation Management

Professional reputation management is one of the biggest tasks you will undertake as  you build your brand. It can make or break your success online.

Ellen DeGeneres is currently battling with her reputation, stories and posts online are actively being engaged with by the general public, and shaping her reputation and potentially impacting on her continued success. Which only solidifies the importance of managing your online reputation of your brand identity even further.

But what is your brand identity and how does it shape your online reputation? It is the philosophy behind your decisions, interactions, and transactions within your business. It is essential that you are clear yourself, of what that looks like from a client's, and prospective client's perspective.

But how can you do this online? Reviews, your website, online interactions with potential customers, responsiveness to messages, emails, social comments. Using social media platforms is a great way to show people you are active and available online.

The most important aspect, is to stay positive, and ask for reviews constantly! This is about ensuring that you build your following and your reviews and testimonials. As Google reviews, Facebook recommendations, LinkedIn referrals are worth their weight in gold. This means you need an active web presence on these platforms. Gone are the days where you can simply stay in your office or shop and wait for people to find you with print and tv media that you sent out. There is too much competition out there and too many other brands ready and willing to respond to online activity. Which means you lose if you aren't there.

Have you pushed these digital tools yet...

Google Reviews

Google reviews are a part of Google My Business, which helps you appear in local searches in google maps. Your Google Reviews helps with credibility and ranking. 
These can and should be integrated into your website for "real" testimonials. These reviews carry with them huge influence over product and service provider choices for clients.

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Online Recommendations

Facebook groups and connections will happily share recommendations when people ask - make sure you are actively contributing to these groups to get noticed. 
Linkedin is another way to get referrals especially if you maintain activity and contact with groups and colleagues. It is essential to keep your profiles up to date. Treat it like a billboard on a main road. 

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Cube Online

This is a powerful reputation management tool allowing you to deal with anything less than 5 stars before its published! Automated system complete with dashboard and social media posting tools as well! Save $600 in setup fees and reduce your monthly costs from $360/month to $260/month as a client of Ranking Australia.

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