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What's the Best Lead Generator?

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

What's the Best Lead Generator for Small Business?

Finding a lead generator that you are happy with is a tumultuous journey. Not only is there so many options out there, its also hard to know which ones will work, as they have different rates of success based on the time, money and effort you invest in them. 

There has been a lot of mention lately  news and social media about pivoting your business in order to keep going. But is this really necessary? Have you gauged the impact of COVID19 / Coronavirus on your industry? Is the impact long term or is the landscape improving? If you are in surgery, hospitality, or events management, I would certainly consider pivoting your business. But B2B services, and retail industries in the small business sector should definitely be looking into their marketing strategy and tools that they are using and look deeper in the data for opportunities to grow. 

Ranking Australia can recommend some very useful tools to capture data that will help you succeed online, such as SEMRUSH, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights. All of these should be integrated to your website and marketing platforms for maximum success. 

Sales and Marketing platforms are best chosen based on your industry and your needs. If you are a in retail - Shopify, Oncord, Big Commerce are great platforms. If you provide products and services to B2B, the best strategy to build an awesome website, build your social media activity, blog regularly, but most of you understand the needs and pains of your clients to better understand how to cater to their needs with your content as you build your web presence. 

You cannot sell a brand that is not created with your client's needs in mind.  Your landing pages should be highly relevant before setting up ads to link through to them, make sure you have a way to catch the leads, at the very least have a Call-To-Action - a form, a phone number, or a booking link. Without these your marketing will not yield any fruit. Don't forget you will need a CRM to add leads to - HubSpot offers a free account to catch data. Make sure you take advantage of the free tools to keep costs down where you can, and you will have more budget for marketing!


Shopify has so many tools and the data is fantastic, integrates will lots of platforms and very powerful SEO tools built in. This integrates with your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and many other software solutions to help you run your e-commerce store online successfully. 


SEMRUSH is a fantastic tools for all businesses. It is so much more detailed and functional than Google Analytics, in saying that though it does pull data from Google Analytics to measure your online performance. 


This is your starting place with CRMs. It has a lot of tools, and marketing upgrades are there for when and if you need them. You may find HubSpot is the perfect tool for what you need, and then again there is a multitude of software solutions suited to various needs and industries.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a fantastic in their moment of need advertising platform, it is the first place to advertise if you need leads now. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a brand development platform. This is the long game for lead generation, which will pay off as you build followers and increase in engagement.


Linkedin is essentially designed for professional networking, and it is a digital resume. So keep your profile up to date. 



Stay ahead of the Competition.

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