Build Your Business With Social Media

By Katrina Puranik - Chief Google Specialist, Ranking Australia

Build your Business with Social Media

Social Media Web Tasks and Responsibilities

This, I believe, has to be communicated so that we can clear the route and our clients can comprehend. Starting with a strategic perspective and moving towards one that is more actionable, some of the major tasks of a Social Media Consultant include: Marketing on Social Media Maintain, monitor, and lead the platforms and any marketing activities carried out on them: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, blog writing, email marketing, and so on.

Social Media Marketing

We optimise our postings, ensuring that they are keyword-rich, on-trend, and on-brand. Marketing with Content Management and development of content. Community communication and engagement through user involvement. Leads, calls to action, and analytics in social commerce. Monitoring Online communication, information sources, and social media platforms are all being monitored.

Metrics and measures

Analyzing ROI and examining metrics to improve post performance. Marketing Techniques Building a fan base is built on sticking to the marketing approach. Social Community Organizations Leading online groups through monitoring and developing. Branding on the internet Improving all parts of the brand, ensuring that the tone and voice of the brand, as well as the branding message, are consistent.

SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation of the blog and LinkedIn (social search) in order to increase the digital footprint on search engines. Improved SEO/SEM chances through keyword optimisation. Marketing via email We create creative input, operations, outcomes, and campaigns. We work using the information in your database. Making the database more visible and simplified by creating, administering, and maintaining it.

Website Promotion

All of the website's contents are promoted, marketed, and communicated. Results are measured, monitored, and followed up on. Services as a Social Media Adviser/Consultant Being ahead of the game by assessing the online environment: possibilities, dangers, new initiatives, creation of digital identity and online presence, identification of prospective business and new digital transactions, and playing a brand consulting/advising role.

Anything that can help our client's brand and engagement by enticing viewers to naturally click on the post and then visit the client's website to make a purchase. 

Kay Ridge

Social Media Strategist @ Ranking Australia

Owner of Dash Social
(Our Social Media Partner)

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