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Instagram: What's in a brand?

Instagram is a very visual marketing platform. It is essential that you really "bring it" on this platform. To do that you need to be consistent with your branding. But what incorporates a brand? I have even heard someone say - what do you mean branding, a logo?

Video ads are powerful marketing tools

It is essential that they are created with the goal in mind. If it is to motivate the potential customer to click and buy, the most important element is emotion.  To invoke an emotional response you need to appeal to their needs. This could be a problem or a desire. For fashion retail, it is creating a lifestyle image, that appeals to the customers desire to be "in the picture".

Website Costs: What are your needs?

Perhaps you want to build a website, are maybe you're looking to rebuild a website? Everyone wants to save money on a big expense like this for there business. If you are just starting up as a small business maybe you have been brave enough to create your own website with one of the "drag & drop" website builders, this is great if you are simply using it as a prelude to a better website to compare with your ambitions as a strong competitor in the industry. But as a small fish in the deep digital sea, your small drag & drop website as the main channel for business online, is actually costing you money...

Digital Toolkit 2020: Digital Expert Panel Q&A

Find out how the experts do it. Get the answers all of your digital challenges directly from the experts. Register now and join us every wednesday to grow, get found, and build you business online.