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Why is it so hard to get on Page #1 of Google?

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

SEO insights

What is Above-the-Fold Ranking?

"Above the fold" ranking refers to the position of a website or webpage on a search engine results page (SERP) when a user first loads the page. Specifically, it refers to the portion of the page that is visible without scrolling down.

Websites that appear at the top of the SERP, in the area above the fold, are typically considered to have a higher ranking than those that appear further down the page. This is because users are more likely to see and click on the results that are visible without scrolling.

Google, like other search engines, use algorithms to determine which websites appear above the fold, taking into account factors such as the relevance of the page's content to the search query, the website's authority and trustworthiness, and the quality of its user experience.

SEO insights

Challenges of Getting Above The Fold on Google 

Getting above-the-fold ranking on the first page of Google can be challenging because there are many factors that determine the ranking of websites. Google's search algorithm is complex and constantly evolving, and it takes into account numerous factors to determine which websites are most relevant and useful for a given search query.

Here's why it's challenging to get on page #1 of Google:

High competition

SEO Keywords Ranking in Your Industry 

Depending on the industry or niche, there may be many other websites vying for the same top spots on Google. This can make it difficult to stand out and get noticed by searchers. This is where search engine optimisation comes into play. Search engine optimisation is the process of using variables to improve a website’s relevance in a web search and help it rank higher on SERPs or have more visibility. There are loads of tools to measure SEO perfomance, tracking, analytics, and backlink analysis - but Ranking Australia can provide support in understanding what it all means and you get access to a customaised data dashboard. 

Quality of content

SEO Optimisation of Your Content

Google prioritises websites with high-quality, relevant, informative, and useful content for users. If your website does not offer valuable content, it may be difficult to achieve a high ranking and discoverability. Social media and other search engines are closely linked. Social signals on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube indicate whether your content is reaching a wider audience or not. This can help improve your reach and rankings in Google searches by producing long-tail results that may not come up on the first page of search results, but still deliver relevant traffic to your website.

Website authority

Google also considers the authority and credibility of a website when ranking it. Factors such as backlinks from other reputable websites, social media presence, and domain age can all influence a website's authority. and credibility.Factors that influence the trustworthiness of a website in Google's ranking algorithm also includes number of social media connections, and having content that is relevant to the web. The more sites linking to your website or making your site their homepage means you have a higher authority in Google's eyes.

Keyword selection

Choosing the right keywords to target is crucial for SEO success. If you are targeting highly competitive keywords, it may be challenging to rank highly. On the other hand, targeting less competitive long-tail keywords may be easier to rank. So how do you know what keywords your competitors are targeting? First find out what long-tail keywords are related to your business. These terms are typically longer and have fewer searches than the most searched for keyword in a niche. You can also look at your top competitors on Google search or YouTube and see which long-tail keywords they are targeting, then determine whether any of them would be worth pursuing as well.

Technical SEO

Technical factors such as website speed, mobile responsiveness, and structured data can also impact your website's ranking on Google's search engine results pages.

Getting on page one of Google requires a comprehensive and consistent approach to SEO that takes into account all of these factors and more. It takes time, effort, and a commitment to consistently creating high-quality content and building authority for your website.

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