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What makes a great video ad?

By Katrina Puranik - Google Marketing Specialist, Ranking Australia

What makes a great video ad?


How to create a video ad that will stand out

 Video ads are powerful marketing tools. It is essential that they are created with the goal in mind. If it is to motivate the potential customer to click and buy, the most important element is emotion.  To invoke an emotional response you need to appeal to their needs. This could be a problem or a desire. For fashion retail, it is creating a lifestyle image, that appeals to the customers desire to be "in the picture". Rather than showing just the product itself, models should be used. If it’s a service based business, you would focus on being the solution to their problems, to make their  life easier. This is why videos showing the business in action is the best way to invoke this response. And 10 times more powerful that an ad that is created with video templates that are unrelated to your business. Templates are a dime a dozen, and create a "Meh" response. Have you seen The Emoji Movie? It's actually really educational - I didn't realise just how many emojis there are!!



Which is the best video maker online?

There a lot of platforms out there to create video ads. Far too many in fact. Which is why fo the purposes of this post - I will only compare on a couple. Such as:

  • Biteable - From $15/month. Free with Branding. Slow to build but tonnes of templates and stock available. Embed in website, social etc. Upload your own videos to build too.
  • Vimeo - From $24/month - Cross-posting, embedding, and team member access to the platform, along with analytics.
  • Promo - From $39/Month. Loads of premium stock video, simple and quick to make your video ads. Upload your own videos to build too.
  • Animoto - From $44/month. Free with branding. Similar creation tools to Biteable and Promo with lots of templates and stock videos. Easy for the amateur video creator.
  • Doodly - From $20/Month. Limited to the drawings. But you can establish a branding experience with consistent use.

 If I had to choose I would go with what I am familiar with, and keep my costs down. However #Vimeo stands out with the video #analytics. However if your video is created and shared onto one or many of your social platforms, it is easy enough to get the analytics from #Facebook, or YouTube for example. Being a fan of iMovie on my #mac, and Adobe Premiere on my pc I tend use these more often than the online creators due to the variety of tools available in these programs, as opposed to the hindering build times upload/download of the online creators. But they have their advantages for DIY marketing entrepreneurs, and those trying to keep their costs down.



Which facebook ad is best for engagement?

 Elise Dopson from Databox ran a study from 26 marketers, asking them this very question. Organic content seems to only reach a fraction of your online followers. This is fairly consistent across the board. Facebook ads help improve your reach and engagement overall. But which ads perform better - video or image ads? The study shows that videos increase engagement with your ads by 59.3%. So it tips the scales.

We believe that the strength of the image or video comes down to the subject and composition of the which contributes to the emotional appeal of the ad. But then the settings of the campaign plays a huge role the ads success rates as well. You can have a brilliant video, shown to a vast majority of people, without targeting to your ideal market niche and have low engagement rates - try it again with strategic approach and get amazing results.

This comes down to strategy. A product is only as successful as its marketing campaign. Our advice is to speak to the professionals when you are ready to go to market. As for video ads, research and expert advice, even engaging with a professional to create some brilliant content that can be used as part of your digital marketing strategy. Using the video without a plan if action, can lead to wasted time, money and efforts. Something worth doing is worth doing right.

Article by: Katrina Puranik

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