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Ranking Australia is an Australian-owned and Australian-managed Web Specialist business, with our head office in Brisbane, and clients across Australia, we know what Australian Small Business needs to grow their web presence. 

 It is essential to stay up-to-date with digital approaches to your business to get ahead of the competition. But even more so to build a solid foundation upon which to grow. To help you, we will regular share the latest digital tools, tips and tricks from the digital experts on SEO, social media, advice on building your web presence, the latest software for management and operations for your business. Along with recommendations for digital experts and events that you will find beneficial for your business.

We share our secrets, to keep the industry transparent, and help you grow your business without burning your budget simply finding out how not to grow your web presence. Subscribe now to find out HOW TO GROW your business online. 


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How much should you or your company be paying for digital marketing? This is a common question. This article will break down the variations of some popular forms of marketing, and compare industry examples of potential costs, and realistic budgets varying in company and outcome.

Have you tried a number of software programs, spent heaps of money on lead generation programs and gotten nowhere? Jump into this session and find out what the experts use, and how to use them to succeed. 

As the media continues to share the news of latest cases of coronavirus across the Queensland's South-East region, everyone is trying to work harder than ever to keep their businesses going. But what does this mean for small business?

Thinking whether to Niche, or not to Niche? It's time to see a business coach!

If you are trying to decide whether or not to restructure your business model and target a niche market, it is imperative that you consult a business coach.

Instagram: What's in a brand?

Instagram is a very visual marketing platform. It is essential that you really "bring it" on this platform. To do that you need to be consistent with your branding. But what incorporates a brand? I have even heard someone say - what do you mean branding, a logo?

Video ads are powerful marketing tools

It is essential that they are created with the goal in mind. If it is to motivate the potential customer to click and buy, the most important element is emotion.  To invoke an emotional response you need to appeal to their needs. This could be a problem or a desire. For fashion retail, it is creating a lifestyle image, that appeals to the customers desire to be "in the picture".

Website Costs: What are your needs?

Perhaps you want to build a website, are maybe you're looking to rebuild a website? Everyone wants to save money on a big expense like this for there business. If you are just starting up as a small business maybe you have been brave enough to create your own website with one of the "drag & drop" website builders, this is great if you are simply using it as a prelude to a better website to compare with your ambitions as a strong competitor in the industry. But as a small fish in the deep digital sea, your small drag & drop website as the main channel for business online, is actually costing you money...

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